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30-92. Manual of Catholic Devotions, a Prayerbook for the Use of Catholics, Revised by a Jesuit Father; Regina Press; 1957; 447pp, 4 ½”tall; Very Good black leather, gilt edges $16                                                                                                                                                            1924-49 Good leather, red edges, some repair $5

30-95d.Catholic Girl’s Manual and Sunday Missal containing Spiritual Reflections, Sunday Missal and Indulgenced Prayers for Catholic Girls, edited by Rev. William A.
Carroll; Catholic Book Publishing; 1952; 541pp, 6 ½”tall, Illustrated; Good+
imitation leather, gilt edges, wear to spine & corners, pages Very Good $18

30-100b.Let Us Pray to the Lord, a Manual of Prayers for Ukrainian Catholics of the Greek Rite, Rev. Leo Sembratovich; Orphanage Bookstore; 1941; 266pp, 4 ¼”tall; Good black celluloid with gilt decoration and edges, slight hinge repair $12

30-104. Mother Love, a Manual for Christian Mothers with Instructions for the Archconfraternity of Christian Mothers, Rev. Pius Franciscus, O.F.M.Cap.; English revision by Rev. Bertin Roll; Frederick Pustet Co.; 1951; 691pp, 5 ½” tall; Good leather, worn page edges $28                                                                                                                         Fair leather, very worn page edges & covers, missing pages 1-21 $12

30-105. Orate! Manual of Prayers and Devotions for Afternoon and Evening Services in English and German (includes Litanies and Stations), Rev. George J. Muenzer; 1902 Imprimatur, Second Edition 1925; 120pp, 6 ¾” tall; Good, fading to covers and red edges $16

30-106. The Raccolta or Prayers and Devotions Enriched with Indulgences, Edited and in part newly translated from the 1938 edition “Preces et Pia Opera” with later additions by Rev. Joseph P. Christopher and Rev. Charles E. Spence; Benziger Brothers; 1943; 590pp+Appendix, also Prayer for Families Supplement; Good blue Hardcover, 7” tall, red edges, cracked & repaired front hinge, Good solid copy $28  sold                                           Loreto Press Reprint, Hardcover, 8” tall, New in wrappings $39

30-106a. Saint Joseph Catholic Manual, Complete Manual of Christian Doctrine with Prayers and Devotions, Lives of the Saints and Epistles and Gospels for Sundays, edited Rev. Hugo Hoever; Catholic Book Publishing Co.; 1956; 895pp Color IL, 6 ½”tall; Very Good Hardcover, red edges, slightly used $38 


30-109a. Blessed Be God, the Complete Catholic Prayer Book, Very Rev. Charles Callan, O.P. and Very Rev. John McHugh, O.P.; Refuge of Sinners Publishing; 1925 Imprimatur, 2013 Reprint; 754pp, 6 ¼”tall; As New Paperback $16 

30-111a.Heart to Heart, a Cardinal Newman Prayerbook, compiled from his writings by Daniel M. O’Connell, S.J.; America Press; 1938; 322pp, 7 ¾”tall; Very Good Hardcover, convent library, no outside markings $12                                                                                           Very Good Hardcover, faded boards $10                                                                                          Good Hardcover, ex-library $8

30-111b.Kindly Light, a (Second) Cardinal Newman Prayerbook, compiled from his writings by Daniel M. O’Connell, S.J.; America Press; 1940; 346pp, 7 ¾”tall; Very Good Hardcover $8

30-111c.And with the Morn, a Third Cardinal Newman Prayerbook, compiled from his writings by Daniel M. O’Connell, S.J.; America Press; 1947; 253pp, 7 ¾”tall; Very Good Hardcover $12                                                                                                                                          Good Hardcover, ex-library $8

30-112b.The Garland of Praise, Spiritual Songs for Use in the Catholic Church with Prayers for Mass and Latin Hymns (English translations from German & Latin), Rt. Rev. Msgr. John Rothensteiner; B. Herder Book Co.; 1929; 307pp, 6”tall; Very Good Hardcover, rare $12

30-113. God and My Heart, Devotions and Mass, Rev. John K. Ryan & Rev. Joseph Collins; 1938; 418pp; Good black leather, gilt edges, slight repair to hinges $10               1958 Edition Very Good white or black imitation leather $10

30-114a.Handbook of Devotions for All Who Are Helping the Homeless Child, Saint Joseph Provides; Saint Joseph’s Union (Mission of Father Drumgoole); 1941; 64pp, 6”tall; Good Paperback $4

30-116. Jesu, Zyj We Mnie przez Najsw. Marye Panne i Tereske swieta, Marjan Siwik, O.F.M.; 1944; 250pp Illustrated, 5” tall; Very Good imitation leather, red edges $15

30-117a.Moments with God, Rev. Edward F. Garesché, S.J.; Bruce Publishing; 1941; 525pp, 6”tall; Good+ Hardcover, red edges $28

30-118. My Daily Bread, a Summary of the Spiritual Life Summarized and Arranged for Daily Reading, Reflection and Prayer , Anthony J. Paone, S.J.; 1954; 437pp, 5” tall; Very Good Softcover $3

30-119. My Daily Psalm Book, the Book of Psalms arranged for Each Day of the Week, Rev. Joseph Frey; Confraternity of the Precious Blood; 1947; 368ppIL, 5” tall; Very Good imitation leather or softcover $3

121a.Mysteries of the Mass in Reasoned Prayers, Fr. W. Roche, S.J.; Longmans, Green and Co.; 1925-49-59 (reset with no textual alteration); 83pp with four plates, 6 ¾”tall; Good+ Hardcover, no d/j, darkened boards $6

30-122b.The Psalms in Latin and English, a Prayer Book, also the Canticles of the Roman Breviary, English Translation by Professors of the Pontifical Biblical Institute; Benziger Brothers; 1945; 416pp+Glossary & Index, 7”tall; Very Good dark blue Hardcover $28    1947 Good Hardcover, worn boards, repaired hinges $12                                                             1946 Good Hardcover, many marginal notes $8

30-125a.Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal, D. Columba Marmion, edited by Dom Thibaut, O.S.B., translated by Mother St. Thomas; B. Herder; 1965; 488pp, 5 ¾”tall; Good+ Paperback, rare $24


30-128.Kindness, the Bloom of Charity, Thoughts on Fraternal Charity, compiled and edited by Rev. F.X. Lasance; Benziger Brothers; 1938; 141pp, 5 3/4″tall; As New Softcover Reprint by Bonaventure Publications $9

30-130. My Prayer Book, Happiness in Goodness, Reflections, Counsels, Prayers, Devotions, Rev. F.X. Lasance; Benziger Bros.; 1944; 719+pp, 5 ½” tall; Very Good leather in box, gilt edges $36 sold                                                                                                                    Same, Good leather, red edges, wear to spine and corners, slight spotting inside front cover, 2 loose pages in back $18

30-130a. My Prayer Book, Happiness in Goodness, Reflections, Counsels, Prayers, Devotions, Rev. F.X. Lasance; Benziger Bros.; 1936; 719pp, 5 ½”tall; Very Good leather, red edges $32                                                                                                                                    1938 Good leather, worn spine & corners, Very Good hinges & pages $16                              1953 Very Good leather, gilt edges, slight foxing on title page & frontispiece $22

30-130b. My Prayer Book, Happiness in Goodness, Reflections, Counsels, Prayers, Devotions, Rev. F.X. Lasance; Benziger Bros.; 1908; 719pp, 5 ½”tall; Good leather, red edges, repaired hinges, darkened pages $18

+The Following and Imitation of Christ+

 K-4.The Following of Christ, the Spiritual Diary of Gerard Groote (1340-1384), translated from original Netherlandish texts by Joseph Malaise, S.J.; America Press; 1937; 273pp, 8 ¾”tall; Fair Hardcover, ex-library, repaired spine $5                                                                Very Good 1945 pocket size $10 sold                                                                                          Good 1988 TAN Paperback, bent corners, no separations $3

K-7.The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, the Full Text of the Autograph Manuscript of A.D. 1441 translated into Modern English by Edgar Daplyn, F.R.S.I; Sheed & Ward; 1950; 184pp, 7”tall; Good Hardcover, wear to spine & corners $5

K-8.The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, translated from the Latin into Modern English; Bruce Publishing; Imprimatur 1940; 257pp, 7”tall; Repaired Hardcover $4

K-9.The Imitation of Christ Complete in Four Books by Thomas a Kempis, Pocket Edition with alphabetical index, edited by Rev. William A. Carroll; Catholic Book Publishing; 1947; 351pp, 4 ½”tall; Fair, repaired spine, missing title pages $5

K-10.The Imitation of Christ in Four Books by Thomas a Kempis, New Edition with Prayers at Mass, edited by Rev. J.M. Lelen; Catholic Book Publishing; 1941; 432pp, 5 ½”tall; Good leather $8                                                                                                               Repaired leather $4

K-11.The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis, translated by Ronald Knox and Michael Oakley; Sheed & Ward; 1959; 217pp, 7 ½”tall; Very Good Hardcover, ex-library, taped d/j $5

K-12.The Imitation of Christ in Four Books by Thomas a Kempis, newly edited by Clare L. Fitzpatrick; Catholic Book Pub.; 1977; 288pp, 7”tall; Very Good Hardcover $5

K-13.The Imitation of Christ, Thomas a Kempis, translated from Latin by the Rt. Rev. Richard Challoner, to which are added Practical reflections and a Prayer after Each Chapter; Tan Books; 1989; 427pp, 7”tall; Good+ red Paperback $4

K-14.The Imitation of Christ by Thomas a Kempis with Practical Reflections, Prayers and Supplementary Material, edited by Rev. John A. O’Brien; 1959; 432pp, 5 ½”tall; Good+ Paperback $5


NV-1.The Catholic Family Book of Novenas, Selected and then Illustrated; John J. Crawley & Co.; 1956; 371pp, 6 ¼”tall; black leather, gilt edges; As New $14 sold                  Repaired spine, Very Good pages $6

NV-1a.Franciscan Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Fatima, as suggested by the revelations of Fatima, arranged by Fr. Theodore Zaremba; Franciscan Publishers; 1947 Imprimatur, 1970 Reprint; 48pp, 6”tall; Very Good Booklet $3

NV-3.Miraculous Medal Prayer Manual with Novena Devotions and Novena in Honor of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal; 1938 & 1949; 96pp & 23pp; 2 Good booklets, worn covers $3

NV-3a.Novena Devotions in Honor of Our Mother of Perpetual Help, White Cross Edition, Redemptorist Fathers; 1936; 48pp, 5 ¾”tall; Good booklet $3                             1952 Edition; 32pp, 5 ¼”tall; Very Good booklet $3                                                                       1952 Edition, Good booklet $2                                                                                                     Sisters of St. Basil 1971, Very Good booklet $2

NV-3b.Novena Hymns and Prayers in Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus arranged for Congregational Use, compiled by William J. Kearney, S.J.; J.S. Paluch; 1938; 32pp, 5 ¾”tall; Very Good booklet $3                                                                                                             Good booklet, slightly soiled $2                                                                                                         Paulist Press 1933, Good+ booklet $2

NV-4.Novena in Honor of Blessed Bronislava, a Norbertine Nun, Patroness of Good Reputation and the Sick and Nowena Litanja-Modlitwy I Pieśni Do (Our Lady of Lasalette Novena in Polish); 1936 &1933; 78pp & 20pp; 2 Very Good booklets $3

NV-4a.Novena in Honor of Our Lady of Victory for Our Boys in the Armed Forces and for Victory and Peace, compiled and arranged by Rev. Raymond A. Punda; 1942; 32pp, 6 ¼”tall; Good booklet, some foxing, date marked on back cover, pages very good $2

NV-5.Novena in Honor of St. Frances Xavier Cabrini (English and Italian), Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart; 1944; Good booklet $2

NV-5a.Novena Prayers and Sketch of the Life of Saint Frances Xavier Cabrini; Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart; 1948; 48pp, 5 ¾”tall; Very Good Booklet $3

NV-7a.The Blessed Martin Book: Life Sketch, Novena and Other Prayers in Honor of Blessed Martin de Porres; Blessed Martin Guild; 193724+pp, 5 ½”tall; Very Good booklet $3

NV-8.Novena in Honor of St. Patrick; St. Patrick’s Church, Madison, WI; 1958; 32pp, 6 ½”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-8a.Novena of Grace in Honor of St. Francis Xavier, March 4-12, Gesu Church; 1930; 16pp, 6”tall; Very Good Booklet $2

NV-9.Novena Manual to Jesus, Mary and Joseph in Honor of the Precious Blood, Rev. Joseph F. Stedman; 1929-1939; 160pp, 5”tall; Very Good red softcover $12

NV-10.Novena to St. Benedict; St. John’s Abbey Press; 1949; 28pp, 8”tall; Very Good booklet $3

NV-10a.Novena to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Claretian Fathers; 1951; 32pp, 5 ½”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-10b.Novena to Our Lady of Guadalupe, Helen Behrens; Imprimatur 1956; 16pp, 6”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-11.Novena to the Infant of Prague, Compiled by Rev. Augustine Studeny, O.S.B.; 1948; 64pp Illustrated, 6 ½”tall; Good booklet, foxing to covers $3

NV-12a.Novena to Our Lady of the Rosary of Fatima, Rev. William J. Smith, S.J.; Paulist Press; 1944; 32pp, 5 ¾”tall; Very Good booklet $3 sold

NV-14a.Novena to St. Mary Goretti Based upon the Canonization Homily of Pope Pius XII, Father Conroy; 1951; 24pp, 5 ½”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-15.Novena Prayers in Honor of Our Sorrowful Mother, compiled & arranged by Rev. James R. Keane, O.S.M.; 1938; 48pp, 6 ½”tall; Very Good booklet in flexible imitation leather covers $5 sold                                                                                                                    Good slightly repaired booklet in cover $3                                                                                          Very Good 1962 Reprint $2

NV-16b.Recent Revelations on the Mercy of God Devotion including Novena to the Mercy of God(private recitation only); Congregation of Marian Fathers; 1945-57; 32pp, 5 ¾”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-17b.Rosary Novena to Our Lady of Fatima, Sister Mary Laetitia, R.S.M.; 1948; 47pp, 5”tall; Very Good booklet $2

NV-18a.Saint Ann Novena Hymns and Prayers for Congregational Praying, compiled and arranged by Rev. J.A. Kalvelage, C.Ss.R.; J.S. Paluch; 1942; 32pp, 5 ¾”tall; Very Good booklet $3

NV-19.Seraphic Novena, Prayers and Meditations, Fr. Basil Gummermann, O.M.Cap.; Third Order Bureau; 1932; 62pp Illustrated, 6 ¼”tall; Very Good booklet $3 sold

NV-19a.Spirit of the Catholic Apostolate, Novena in Honor of Blessed Vincent Pallotti, Augustine A. Bogdanski, S.A.C.; Bruce Publishing; 1950; 64pp, 5 ¼”tall; Very Good booklet $3

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